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Pix - Enemy Within Web Yesterday, we finished out our "Enemy Within" series.  The topic?  "Bitterness"…or "The Struggle to Forgive."

It was just one of those special days, where God seems to be doing some serious business way down deep in people's hearts.

There are several thoughts I have right now about yesterday's topic.

  • Unforgiveness — Seriously…who DOESN'T deal with this issue???
  • Salvations! — Saw SEVERAL people give their lives to Jesus yesterday.  That NEVER gets old!
  • Bill Vail's Story — I heard audible gasps.  Could have heard a pin drop.  I've heard the longer version of his story 3 times now (the same one located in our "Microcast" directory).  But the shorter version of his story was just as stunning to hear again.  God used Bill in indescribable ways…and worked inside Bill in the process (he told me how telling his story freed him).
  • Discoveries — I had several people tell me that God revealed bitterness that they were not even aware was buried in them…but realized it was springing up from time-to-time to defile them & everyone around them (Hebrews 12:15).
  • Quotes — Other people emailed their thoughts to me recently.
    • "…The message was awesome today! I
      walked in not thinking this was an area I struggled with…and walked
      out absolutely shocked at what God had shown me…"
    • "…I have spiritual struggles like the next person and really didn’t know why until the series 'Enemy Within'…Every morning before each one of those messages I told myself I’m not going to church I don’t want to go and on the way I wanted to turn around and go home but I made it…It is amazing…"
    • "…It's strange – I constantly WANT to show kindness and mercy
      to [them].  I don't get that!…Some people NEVER forgive somebody for
      somewhat minor offenses.  Yet I constantly want to forgive and move on,
      even when the offense(s) are a pretty major deal…"
  • Violin-less?? — Lynnora, our violin player is soon moving to the mission field as our missionary (a GREAT thing).  But people LOVE her violin playing.  Know any good violinists who could jump in and play with our praise team?  🙂
  • 1st Service Attenders — Thank you, thank you for freeing up space in our 2nd Worship.  (FYI, we are praying like crazy about when to launch a 3rd service…maybe just months away.  Why?  We're about to max out…particularly in our youth & children's space downstairs.)

Next week, let's kick off a new series on communication called "Bars" (like the cellphone!).