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Series 09 - Average Joe Yesterday, we kicked off a new series on the life of Joseph (from Genesis 30-50) called "Average Joe."

I called week #1, "Finding God's Rhythm of Life" as we covered Genesis 37:1-17.

My thoughts this week…

  • Some 17-Year-Old — Is it just me, or do you think Joe was AMAZINGLY well-adjusted for a 17-year old with the kind of Jerry-Springer-like family he was raised in???
  • City Names — These things make the Bible come alive to me.  Joseph was spending time with his father in Hebron (means "fellowship/communion") but his dad sent him away to seek his lost brothers.  He first went to Shechem (means "shoulder"; associated with "burdens") where they sinned (i.e. murdered men).  The lost brothers weren't there anymore.  Instead they sought refuge in a city called Jotham (one meaning is "The Law").  Isn't that the story of Jesus in heaven with the Father, being sent to seek out mankind where we sinned, but finding we tried to find refuge in the Law & being good?  Wow.
  • Technicolor Dream Coat — Anyone else think it was cool that Joseph's muli-colored coat in Genesis 37:3 foreshadowed the "white as light-coat" that Jesus wore in Matthew 17:2??  (i.e. When you combine every color, you get white.)
  • Welcome Back Lynnora! — It was GREAT to have Lynnora back from Central Asia.  She did an incredible job of casting the vision of what it's like to serve in a very relational, less-industrialized, Islamic context.  And she rocked the house on the praise team with her violin again.
  • Professions of Faith — There were at least 6 people (I fear I missed some hands) who claimed they received Christ as Savior yesterday.  Awesome!
  • Anonymous Encouragement — I received this anonymous note after service: "I've stumbled in my walk recently…I've told myself many lies — thoughts that were not from God. I've left my daily relationship w/Him. Thank you for reminding me — I needed this talk today. I had fallen & needed a kick in the rear!"

Next weekend, we'll cover Genesis 37:18-36 as we talk about "Big Time Suffering."  (That is some DYS-functional family…)