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Series 09 - Average Joe Yesterday, we stormed slammed moved ahead with our series on the life
of Joseph called "Average Joe." We talked about how we can see the MIGHTY hand of God — at work — in OUR lives — in "The Corporate Sector." 
We hit the highlights of Genesis 39-41.

Here are a few "thots" from this week…

  • Take 10 — Take 10 minutes right now, and read the rest of Genesis 39-41.  It's a GREAT story.
  • SBO Week — It was SBO week…we had all the kids lead us in singing.  They were too cute.  And I was cracking up at my kids.  I remember laughing, "WHAT is my son doing?"  (Apparently my son was inventing moves up there!)
  • SBO Story — I got this email from someone in my small group about their daughter after Tuesday's SBO day:
    • "On Tuesday, [my daughter] says to me, 'Mom, it's only the second day of SBO and I already have my verse memorized.  Wanna hear it?'  'Sure!' I reply. Then she starts: 'Let no one despise your youth, but be an example of the believers in word, in a condo, in love, in spirit, in faith, and period.' After I quit laughing (in my head), we went over those words [in 1 Timothy 4:12] and what each one meant. :-)"
  • Web Bonus — I didn't have the chance to get to my FAVORITE sections on "How to Be a Success in the Workplace."  So here they are:  Ephesians 6:5-10 & Colossians 3:22-4:2.
  • Salvations — I don't know if I saw everyone's hand (I probably missed some, in fact), but we probably had a couple people receive Christ in the 1st Service, 12-14 in the 2nd, & a couple in the 3rd.  Got some stories too…
    • A young man named Brian had been attending Grace for a few month.  Yesterday, he left the building, but "felt compelled" to come back & talk to me.  I got the chance to sit with him & his girlfriend as he gave his life to Jesus!
    • Someone else emailed saying their relative had prayed to receive Christ with me yesterday & happened to mention it to them in passing later that day!
  • New Worship Leader???
    — Did you guys in the 3rd Service like the new worship leader who started singing at the end of service?  SHOCKINGLY, It was me!  :-)  What happened?  I was introducing the offering & glanced around…no band.  I kept delaying talking…no band.  I prayed for the offering…no band.  So, I jokingly started the MOST PITIFUL rendition of "Just As I Am"…then everyone started praying for DELIVERANCE (from me)…then the band appeared.  (Whew!)

Next week, we are going to talk about "Our Very Best Days" with God.  If you want to read ahead, check out Genesis 42-47.