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Series 09 - Average Joe

Yesterday, we continued our series on the life of Joseph
called "Average Joe."

It was week #2 of 6…time to discuss the "Big Time
Joseph faced when he was betrayed by his own flesh-and-blood
& sold into slavery.  The story came
from Genesis 37:18-36.

 My thoughts this week…

  •  Let Me Count
    the Ways
    — There were a BOATLOAD of similarities between Joseph's betrayal and
    Jesus' betrayal some 1700 years later.  I
    listed a bunch in the message.  Here's a
    couple I didn't list:

    • Genesis 37:18 says "Now when they saw him afar off..they conspired against him."  That foreshadowed the story Jesus told in Matthew 21:38 which says, "But when the vinedressers saw the heir, they said…let us kill him."
    • Genesis 37:28 says "They took Joseph to Egypt."  That foreshadowed Matthew 2:14 when Jesus was taken to Egypt.
    • Genesis 37:31 says they killed "a kid of the goats."  That foreshadowed Jesus as the Passover sacrifice which could either be a young sheep or goat (see Exodus 12:5 & 1 Corinthians 5:7).
  • Nicole in the
    — Our own "Missionary to the Turtles" (i.e. the
    "Terrapins" of the University of Maryland was back
    with us to share her story.  I am so
    proud of her reaching out to college students with the Navigators &
    discipling them.
  • A
    "Sip" of Suffering
    — I got this story this morning…

    • "Hi Tim. Sunday's
      message was one that I needed and there was a reason for me to be there. I can't get the word 'Sip' out of my
      mind and I don't want to. We do only experience a 'Sip' of suffering
      compared to what JESUS experienced for us. I could really never understood why
      you would want to thank God for suffering but now I do. I have a completely
      different view of suffering in a way that I can now understand why we can give thanks
      for suffering. That was a powerful message and I thank God for speaking to us
      through that message and using you the way HE does.  I can now find peace in suffering – 'Sip' Suffering is Peace.'  I pray that
      everyone there this Sunday walked out a changed person like I did.  Thanks."
  • Where to Look in Suffering? — I listed 3 books I read when I'm suffering:  Job, Psalms, and 1 PeterIf you've never read through 1 Peter, you ought to do it this week.  (It's just 5 chapters.)  Keep a pad & paper handy & jot down every lesson you see in 1 Peter about how to deal with suffering.  I did again this past week & made 2 full pages of notes.  It's HUGELY helpful to you.

If you want to look ahead to next weekend & how to deal with the "Major League Temptation" that we ALL face, read Genesis 38-39.  There's some stuff in there that would be splashed all over the headlines if it happened today.