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I got "back in the (weekend speaker) saddle" on Sunday as we continued our new "Enemy Within" series.

The series is based on the idea found in Romans 7:15-20. There, Paul reiterates that, the moment people accept Jesus as Lord & Savior, Christ frees them COMPLETELY from the control of their old sin nature/habits/lifestyle. However, that "enemy within" our physical body isn't gone — it's still hanging around, trying to get us to freely relinquish control of our lives back to it! So…how do we deal with the "enemy within?"

Special thanks to Jim Williams (our Youth Pastor & Ministry Pastor) who kicked off the series a week ago talking about "Insecurities." This week's topic was "Anger."

Here are some bonus thoughts from the weekend:

  • Having a short break from the stage was hugely restorative: spiritually, emotionally, physically, etc. But it was NICE to be back.
  • Pastor Ben had a break this week (which I am very thankful for). Michael stepped in and did a great job leading worship! I even heard someone compare him to Clint Black. 🙂
  • Anger…just one moment can change the direction of someone's life…adjust the hopes & dreams that God has for their life. Check out how Moses "lost it" (his temper) then "lost it" (his chance to enter the Promised Land) in Numbers 20:1-13.
    • Moses was down about his sister dying
    • Moses felt pressure to provide for Israel
    • Moses was sick & tired of being blamed
    • Moses sought God first (which was great)
    • But Moses lost his temper
    • He slammed the rock twice (i.e. picturing Jesus judged a 2ND time…wrong picture!)
    • Moses lost his chance to enter the land
    • One moment of anger changed his life's direction
  • This week's "cutting-room floor" on anger
    • Rom 1:18 – God gets angry about un-godliness
    • Psa 30:5 – God's anger is "but for a moment"
    • Prov 16:32 – Anger mgmt exceeds mighty deeds
    • Prov 29:8 – The wise learn to handle angry people
    • Prov 12:16 – The wise learn to control their anger
  • In preparation for this week's topic, I wrote down a couple pages of time in my life that I either (a) got angry, or (b) witnessed anger. (My first list was much larger.) My first memory of it was overturning a game of Chutes & Ladders when I was just a tyke — around 3-5 yrs old (knowing my mom, she probably remembers the exact date). If I remember right, my father promptly educated me on the merits of keeping my temper. I never forgot that moment. 🙂

Next week, take on a 3rd "enemy within" us…"Depression."