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Series 10 - Are You Connected (Detail) "Are
you strictly a 'Weekend Warrior' here at Grace?  Or are you connected?"

Yesterday was week #2 of our "Are You Connected?" series where we're encouraging people to truly get connected.  That is, to go 3-for-3 by cultivating…

  1. Friends to Love — Have at least 1 friend at Grace
  2. A Place to Learn — Join a small group OR Bible study OR 1-on-1 discipleship
  3. A Place to Lead — Volunteer in a ministry at Grace OR outreach beyond Grace

Since yesterday's topic was "A Place to Learn", we decided to cover Jesus' most definitive statements about our need to learn beyond the weekend: Matthew 28:16-20.

  • The Bible Contains… — If you liked the video we showed before I spoke, you can watch it here.  We purchased the original at  And would someone please tell me if that's Morgan Freeman talking?
  • The Ultimate Visual Aid — We baptized 8 people yesterday across the 3 services.  I LOVED hearing their stories & doing the baptisms in the middle of the message.
  • What Book Was That? — I referenced the Strong's Exhaustive Concordance.  The history is located here.  You can search it online here.
  • 8th Grade Flashback — For many people, it had been far too many years since they heard the wonderful words "participle" and "gerund."  Good thing we got to flashback for them.
  • People - Steve Jobs My Doppleganger? — Brian King grabbed me after service and said I was wearing the Steve Jobs uniform (glasses, black mock turtleneck, & blue jeans).  Too bad I shaved or my uniform would have been complete.

I've got some more I'll post on this the next couple days…but I'm shot tonight…

Next weekend, we take the 3rd area of being connected…finding "A Place to Lead" (i.e. Serving).