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you strictly a 'Weekend Warrior' here at Grace?  Or are you connected?"

Yesterday was the final week of our "Are You Connected?" series where we've been encouraging every single person to go beyond "Weekend Warrior / Regular Attender" status and get fully connected.  What does that look like?  It's going 3-for-3…

  1. Friends to Love — Have at least 1 friend at Grace
  2. A Place to Learn — Join a small group OR Bible study OR 1-on-1 discipleship
  3. A Place to Lead — Volunteer in a ministry at Grace OR outreach beyond Grace

In other words…

Series 10 - Are You Connected (Detail)

Yesterday we took on the topic of connecting to "A Place to Lead" — finding that ministry IN the church, or outreach BEYOND the church, to get connected to Christ.  We went through the greatest description in the Bible on how the church is SUPPOSED to look & work together: Ephesians 4:11-16.

  • The Church is a Body — I love this example.  God describes the church, not as an organization, but as a living organism…a body.  It's so descriptive.
    • Our Head = Christ — Christ wants us to depend on Him, as our body depends on our head — where every movement, every direction, every thought is rooted in direction sent from the head.
    • The Body Parts = Us — We are like body parts.  We are all created with a unique design with unique gifts & placed into the body to play a specific role.  As body parts, we need to be connected to the body to receive support, energy, food, strength, care, etc.  If we are not part of a body (a church), we die.   If we don't serve in a body (a church), we atrophy.  If we get connected & serve, we grow & flourish & fulfill our purpose.
    • The Body Joints = Relationships — The most vulnerable part of a body is the most vulnerable part of a church — the connections between members (i.e. relationships).  We need to protect them & heal them.
  • Spiritual Gifts — Check out all 4 lists of the 21 or so spiritual gifts of the New Testament:
  • Object - Body (da Vinci) The Video — You can check out the powerful "Body of Christ" video we used here.

 Next weekend, we kick off a new series called "Lie$", where we're taking on the lies that money tries to tell us.