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3-days On Sunday, we kicked off a 3-week series leading up to Easter called "3 Days."   We are dealing with the 3 most important days in history (from HUMANITY'S perspective, that is)…the (1) Death, (2) Burial, and (3) Resurrection of Christ.

This week we talked about His death.

A few thoughts…

  • De-De-Sensitization — That's what the goal was this week…to DE-desensitize people to the death of Christ.  (That is, dealing head-on with the "Ho-Hum-Attitude" people can develop about the SHOCKING death of the Creator at the hands of His creation…& the SHOCKING humility & love of the King of Kings to subject Himself to that for US!!!)
  • Identification — This was another benefit of the the death of Christ that I had to cut from the message this week.  Christ's death offers me identification — that Christ is the one worthy Savior & Lord.  Check out Revelation 5:9-12 for more info.
  • Setting the Stage — Our Weekend Service Team (WST) changed up the appearance of the stage, putting the big screen behind me with the massive crosses projected on it.  I thought it was a REALLY effective visual this week.  (THANK YOU for your creativity & flexibility, team!!)  Next week, they plan to ramp it up even more.  We'll be talking "The Burial of Christ."  🙂
  • Diving Deeper — There are so many great resources to help you dive deeper into the significance of the cross in our everyday lives.  Here are a few.
  • God-Sized Goals — We're praying & trusting God for some GOD-SIZED goals this Easter…
    • 4 — Adding a 4th service on Saturday night for Easter
    • 7 — Every person inviting 7 people to Grace
    • 1800 — Seeing 1800 people at Grace that weekend
    • 100 — Seeing 100 people come to Christ that weekend

See you next week as we talk "The Burial of Christ."