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Series_08_24_jesus_last_24_hrs Whew!  Week #3 of 5 in our "24" series is in the books.  In it, we are wondering — of all the things Jesus COULD have done with His last 24 hours on earth — WHY did He choose to do what He did?

Yesterday we looked into what Jesus chose to say to His 12 apostles (his "Band of
Brothers"…his men’s group) at His finally good opportunity to speak with them before He died.  (Good question — What DO you say the last time you see someone on earth?)  Our story came from John 13:21-14:31.  We pointed out that Jesus was making time for 1 of our 5 purposes at Grace:  "Discipleship" (i.e. teaching & helping someone else walk with God when you aren’t around).

Here some thoughts from yesterday:

  • Baby dedications yesterday (see Matt 19:13-15.  I LOVE babies.  Too cute!
  • When people used to ask me how many kids our family would have, I would always answer, "12…1 for each Apostle."  🙂
  • This message this week wore me out.  I wrestled & studied…and thought & rewrote…and retried & revamped all week long.  Counted it up.  Spent 24 hours preparing this week’s edition of "24."
  • Here’s more info on the Triclinium.  That’s how I’m going to eat ALL my meals now.
  • The 3 clarifying references I gave on teaching/discipleship were:
    • Matt 28:19-20ALL Christians are called to discipleship
    • 1Cor 12:29-30NOT all Christians are gifted teachers
    • Eph 4:15ALL Christians are called to "speak the truth in love"
  • Here’s some bonus material I had to cut:
  • People keep sending me ideas similar to our "24" series.  Thanks guys!