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Alright.  We’ve kicked off our new series called "24."  In it, we are wondering — of all the things Jesus COULD have done with His last 24 hours on earth — WHY did He choose to do what He did?

Yesterday  we looked into why Jesus chose to eat His last meal with — not His mom — not his half-brothers & sisters — but His men’s small group!  (That is, His 12 Apostles…His "Band of Brothers".).  The story came from Luke 22:7-36.  We pointed out that Jesus was making time for 1 of our 5 purposes at Grace:  "Fellowship" (i.e. a relationship which includes the spiritual dimension).

Hare some thoughts from yesterday:

  • I LOVE the fact that Jesus Himself, on the eve of the most important event of His life, illustrated that small group ministry & discipling & mentoring would be frustrating, yet critical for His kingdom!
    • 1 guy was a total fake (Judas)
    • His leadership apprentice was about to bail on Him (Peter)
    • All 12 of them were arguing about who was the greatest!
  • 8 days ago, Pastor Tom Herzog beat me to the punch on this whole topic.
  • Last Thursday, my wife noted our series reminded her of The Bucket ListAnyone seen it?
  • The 2nd person in 2 weeks grabbed me to tell me Orange County is not L.A.  I reminded him that people outside of "the OC" DO consider it part of the Greater L.A. Area.  We also joked about Californian stereotypes.  🙂
    • Southern Cal?  "A resource-hogging, self-indulgent, me-oriented society."
    • Northern Cal?  "Where people are in touch with everything but reality."
  • I referenced the Bible’s definition of "fellowship" from 1 John 1:3-7 — "Fellowship is a relationship on a deeper level because it adds the spiritual dimension of walking together with Jesus Christ."
  • Had a great GroupLink event after services, despite the inclement weather.  GroupLink is an informal connecting event for small groups with space available for new members.  Our next one is March 30.