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Yesterday, we had week #2 of our parenting series called "Seasons."  We walked through the 3 broad stages of parenting laid out in 1 John 2:12-14.

Here are a few thoughts:

  • Week #1 Emergency — Our pastors really stepped up last week when I called THE NIGHT BEFORE our series was to kickoff because of a family emergency.  Brian & Tom worked into the wee hours of the night to make it happen & Brian spoke.  A new person to Grace came up Sunday & said how much they appreciated the ENTIRE pastoral team we have at Grace.  (I agree!)
  • Object_easy_button
    Customization Waylaid!
    — We worked ahead & tried to have a custom-made video bump & "seasonal" staging for this series, like our others.  Before our series started, EVERYONE involved had some sort of crisis.  God canceled all our design plans & pressed the "Easy" button for us.  🙂
  • Design Ideas — We had a long-time Gracer ask us
    where we bought our parenting series ideas.  We absolutely have done
    that before (it’s wise to glean ideas from other people), but this series is 100% home-grown KS stuff!
  • Series_07_seasons_chg_graph
    3 Stages of Parenting
    — Here’s the 3 stages we talked about:

    • "Little Children" (0-12) — High dependency, growing relational influence
    • "Young Men" (13-19) — Becoming independent, transitional time (watch out!!!)
    • "Fathers" (20 and up) — Hopefully interdependent, a time of mentoring
  • Generations — Seasons change, guys.  But when you navigate the seasons of parenting well, you accomplish God’s plan of reproducing another generation of Christ-followers, who reproduce another generation of Christ-followers, & so on, & so on.  Check out the 4 generations listed: