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Yesterday, we closed out our "24" series, a study on the last 24 hours of Jesus life.

I’ve heard story after story of people hearing from God, seeing Jesus in a fresh way, and making tangible changes in their lives.  That’s why we exist!  Good thing too, because every week God has taken absolutely everything out of me, digging & wrestling thru the stories.

Anyway, yesterday we walked through a "harmony of the gospels" of Jesus’ last 24 hours and talked about 1 of our 5 purposes at Grace that we CANNOT do in heaven:  "Evangelism" (i.e. helping tell God’s story of the cross of Christ).

Here’s some thoughts:

  • While singing during our first service, I sensed God REWRITE my whole final point.
    • I had planned Philippians 1:5-6 which says God can keep using us long beyond the end of our lives if we share the gospel (i.e. the good news).
    • But it became Romans 1:16 which says God uses His story to change people (not our own wonderful words or perfect presentations).
  • Object_clock
    I loved piecing together the timeline this past week.  Some times were my "educated guesses."  Other times were specified in the Bible:

  • Just for fun, I thought I’d give you my raw Microsoft Word timeline notes.  Just click here: Download chronology_jesus_final_day.doc
  • The mega-handout yesterday had to be a record…73 verses.  Wanted people to have something for their records.  The toughest part was figuring out what NOT to say.  Could’ve taught for hours.  🙂
  • Series_08_the_frame_easter_2
    Finally, don’t forget the most powerful question you could ask someone this week:  Would you come to an Easter service with me?