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Alright.  We finished week 4 of 5 in our new series called "24."  In it, we are wondering — of all the things Jesus COULD have done with His last 24 hours on earth — WHY did He choose to do what He did?

Yesterday we looked at what in the world Jesus said to God in His last 24 hours.  The story was from John 17 and Matthew 26:36-46 .  We pointed out that Jesus was making time for 1 of our 5 purposes at Grace:  "Worship."

Hare some thoughts from yesterday:

  • Here were the cross-references yesterday:
  • I saw God touch a bunch of hearts across the room.
  • Last night, I was so tired when I went to bed that my body felt heavy (ever feel like that)?  But my mind was spinning on several things, so I got to "practice what I preach."  I laid awake praying for whatever mind mind went to, until I finally prayed, "God, can you shut down my mind?  I need some sleep here!"
  • We tried communion again where people get up & go to 1 of 8 tables around the room.  It was a powerful moment watching God move people together to do this.  A beautiful moment.  We’ve just tried it twice now, but I like it.
  • Prospective Members Class went awesome again yesterday.  We do it once a month.  One of our leaders visited the class again & she emailed me this note of encouragement:
    • "I just wanted to say how awesome it was being part of Prospective Members Class
      today. It was a trip doing it again after two years. I totally remembered why we
      fell in love with Grace Church. The vision and heart of its leadership makes it
      such an easy environment to grow in…those were difficult questions being thrown your
      way and you confidently and lovingly answered them all."
  • Next week, I hope to give people an time-line of Jesus last night (a la 24).  We’ll see how prep goes.
  • My friend Gary sent me a heads up about a 24-related song by Switchfoot, called "24."  Check it out here: