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Series_08_24_jesus_last_24_hrs Yesterday, we finished week #2 in our new series called "24."  We are asking — of ALL the things Jesus COULD have done with His last 24 hours on earth — WHY did He choose to do what He did?

Yesterday we looked into why Jesus would spend his last hours washing a bunch of guys feet!  We studied John 13:1-19.  We pointed out that Jesus was making time for another of our 5 purposes at Grace:  "Ministry" (i.e. choosing to use your time & gifts & abilities to serve other people in Jesus’ name).

Hare some thoughts from yesterday:

  • Saw God work GREATLY yesterday.  Really saw & sensed His presence.  Praise God!!!
    • 8 baptisms (including my son…I choked up)
    • 4-5 received Christ in 1st worship
    • 12-15 received Christ in 2nd worship
  • Book_manners_customs
    I had Ben read from James Freeman’s book Manners & Customs of the Bible.  Great resource.
  • A couple weeks ago, my wife noted our series reminded her of The Bucket List Anyone seen it?
  • I think people enjoyed me washing Ben’s feet a bit too much (Eeeeewww!)  🙂
  • Here are the verses I referenced on the spiritual picture of footwashing:
    • Christ rose off the throne (Isa 6:1) to be born of a virgin
    • Christ laid aside his garments of light & majesty (Psa 104:1-2)
    • Christ took on human flesh as his "towel" (John 1:14)
    • Christ took our dirt on him, so we could be clean (2Cor 5:21)
    • Christ put his garments of light & majesty back on  (Psa 104:1-2)
    • Christ ascended to heaven again to the throne (Eph 1:20)
  • Book_one_month_to_live
    One of our members shot me a note on this book that parallels our series topic — One Month to Live: Thirty Days to a No-Regrets Life.

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P.S. I said I’d cover the three feasts in today’s post.  I’m actually going to post on it tomorrow, so stay tuned.