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Today, we finished week 5 of 10 thru The First Letter of John.  We looked at the subject of "Knowing God’s Children" through 1 John 3:1-10.  You can listen here or "Ipod" it here.

We heard a great update from our team that went to Mauritania to serve that 100% Islamic country by providing medical attention and construction support.  They wore their traditional Mauritanian clothing: the men word  "boubous" (pronounced "boo-boo’s") and the women wore "malaffas."  More info is located here.

Here are a number of other thoughts that hit me on the topic of "Knowing Deceivers."

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    Divine Moment #712:
      When I was struggling on how to communicate (or even understand) the phrase "abiding in Christ" found in 1 John 2:28, I found Jesus’ example of John 15:1-8.  When we started unpacking that example on Sunday, I could sense an electricity in the room… a lot of "Aha!" moments… the presence of God… awesome!
  • Strange Moment #245:  When I arrived home yesterday, I started to chill out before lunch with a handful of almonds and The History Channel (there’s some "way cool" stuff on there).  What I do find playing?  A show on The Antichrist!  That was one of my topics today.  Coincidence?  Hmmmm…  🙂
  • Forgetful Moment #924:  I had it in my notes, but failed to mention the place where the Apostle Paul referenced the Antichrist.  It’s 2 Thessalonians 2:8.  More stuff gets edited out of my notes during the message (and added to them) on a weekly basis, intentionally or not.
  • Bonus Moment #4:  I referred to "anointing" being connected with oil.  That’s Psalm 92:10.  I referred to "anointing" being connected with a kingly ceremony and priestly ceremony.  Those references are 2 Kings 9:3 and Leviticus 21:10.

P.S. If you want to read ahead for week #5 of 10, we are talking about "Knowing God’s Children" from 1 John 3:1-10.  (NOTE: Starting Sunday, we are taking a 2-week break from 1 John for a mini-series called "Got Stress")  We’ll pick 1 John back up again on Sunday, July 15, and ask how we have some indications if a person is in God’s family or not.