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Wc_ldr_summit_07bJust finished the tenth & final session from Bill Hybels.

Excellent, as always.

The title?  "Whatever You Do, Inspire Me."

Main thought?  "Inspiration matters.  Statistics say inspired employees outperform uninspired employees by 40%.  We owe it to the people we lead to provide them with a leader that is inspired.  And it is OUR JOB to ensure we stay motivated, like King David did in 1 Samuel 30:6."

How do you inspire yourself, as a leader?

  1. Stay crystal clear about your calling from God
  2. Leverage your spiritual gift for the Kingdom
  3. Make sure your teammates are inspiring people
  4. Read inspiring books & biographies
  5. Get around other inspiring people
  6. Participate in events inspiring to you
  7. Pay attention to your health disciplines
  8. Design a work space that is inspiring
  9. Engage in inspiring recreation outside of work
  10. Practice daily spiritual disciplines

How do you inspire others, the people on your teams?

  1. Give your team the gift of being an inspired leader
  2. Connect the people you lead to a compelling cause
  3. Learn the inspiration (love) language of your whole team & speak it
  4. Identify & eliminate every de-motivating dynamic in your organization
  5. Celebrate any sign of progress toward your church goals