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Wc_ldr_summit_07bJust finished the ninth session from Jimmy Carter, the early session on Saturday morning.  The session was an interview taped with Bill Hybels.

Bill did a good job of setting up the interview, trying to lead people who were finding it difficult to learn from someone who (a) may have different political views, (b) different idealogical views, or (c) elicited strong negative emotion in them.

SIDE NOTE: Too bad for people who are too weak (yes weak: Romans 14:1-4, 15:1-6) to overcome their emotions or insecurities or prejudices and are incapable of learning from absolutely anyone.  But I remember that I had that attitude at one time, too.  Been there… done that.. got the T-shirt to prove it… so glad for deliverance from it!

The interview title?  "Building Humanity."

Main segments?

  1. Carter talked about his childhood — having his first job from his Dad during the Depression at 5 years old — to collect peanuts, walk 1.5 miles, sell them on the street, and make $1/day (the daily wage for a man).
  2. Carter talked about the ascendancy to the Presidency — how, as governor, he thought he could have a greater impact on the world as President — how, when he told his Mom that he was going to run for President, she asked, ‘President of what?’ 🙂
  3. Carter talked about leading during His Presidency — from his leadership style of fostering disagreement among his subordinates for idea generation, to his high of brokering peace between Israel & Egypt, to his low during the Iran hostage crisis.
  4. Carter talked about his post-Presidency era — from his involvement with the Carter Center, Habitat for Humanity, and continuing to teach Sunday School in his church of 30 in Plains, GA."