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Wc_ldr_summit_07bJust finished the eighth session, and final session on Friday, from Richard Curtis.

You can find his body of work in the movie industry here at IMDB.  He is a comedy writer who wrote movies from Notting Hill to Bridget Jones Diary to Four Weddings and a Funeral to Bean.

He is an advocate for eliminating poverty while organizing "Red Nose Day" in Britain and raised over $1 Billion for under-resourced people, helped start the Make Poverty History Campaign, and wrote the movie The Girl in the Cafe.

His interview title?  "Living for the Greater Good."

Main thought?  "He has two great passions.  First, writing positive comedies with uplifting messages about love & hope.  (Movies which are sentimental about violence, he can’t stand.)  Second, helping people who are poor…guys "over there" should not be dying when we have so much.  So he’s using his strengths of writing, comedy, & film to help alleviate poverty.  The ‘Sermon on the Mount’ is fundamental to his belief."

Key quote?  "I only do one thing well (1 main strength): writing comedy & working with comedians.  But I will RUTHLESSLY do that well to help alleviate & eliminate this injustice."