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Wc_ldr_summit_07bJust finished the seventh session from John Ortberg.  He pastors Menlo Pres where many Stanford students used to worship when I was there (both at there and at PBC).

The title?  "A Leader’s Greatest Fear."  He did a wonderful job of illustrating it with the story of Esther.

Main thought?  "Leaders certainly fear failure, mutiny, criticism, & disappointing people.  But the leader’s greatest fear is NOT what happens TO us, but what happens IN us: a ‘shadow mission.’  A ‘shadow mission‘ is when our TRUE mission in life is hijacked and twisted and poisoned by our own ego or our own sinfulness."

Examples of personal ‘shadow missions’?

  1. King Xerxes ‘shadow mission’ — Maintain his personal continual fulfillment, ego, flattery, & pleasure
  2. Esther’s ‘shadow mission’ — Be quiet & fulfill what Xerxes’ shadow mission is…be his "eye-candy"
  3. Haman’s ‘shadow mission’ — To him, "more" is never enough
  4. Jesus’ ‘shadow mission’ — Fulfill the redemption of mankind without any personal suffering
  5. John Ortberg’s ‘shadow mission’ — Receive the accolades of being a great public speaker
  6. A former pastor-friend of John Ortberg — Staying up late to watch TV & engage in private sexual activity while the world goes to hell

Examples of church ‘shadow missions’?

  1. Church A — Being a ‘successful’ church for ‘successful’ people…
  2. Church B — We may not be growing, but we’ll criticize those who are…
  3. Church C — Successfully avoiding conflict for 124 years…