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Wc_ldr_summit_07bJust finished the fifth session from Michael Porter, opening Fri’s sessions.  Michael developed the 5 Forces Model for business strategy development.

Michael is a Harvard prof and he admitted this would be presented more in the style of business school, than a sermon.  But he was calling people to question & evaluate what is "success."  He’s clearly a thinker, not a teacher.  That is, he makes you work at it, but his concepts challenge your thinking.

The title?  "Strategy & Leadership."

Main thought?  "Charity is hard work.  It’s EASY to feel good about doing charitable work.  It’s VERY HARD, though, to actually do well at doing good.  Non-profits focus too much on a servant-centered view of their activity, rather than a target-community-centered view — by asking HOW MUCH ACTUAL VALUE are we providing to people (i.e. Value = Social Benefits / Dollar or Hour Expended)."

The biggest challenges people face?  "Not defining clear goals.  Thinking the more we do is better.  Thinking doing the act of charity is enough.  Having an if-it’s-not-invented-in-our-house mentality instead of just partnering with others already doing a better job at it."