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Wc_ldr_summit_07bJust finished the fourth session from Marcus Buckingham.  Final Thursday session.  Great, great first day.  I’m worn out…but it’s a good tired.  (But I know God will give me the strength tonight to finalize my message for Sunday…God, are you hearing my heart?)  🙂

Marcus faced the difficult situation of having the final slot for the day & replacing Warren Bennis (a leadership legend).  Marcus did a good job, weaving in humor to keep the audience with him (at the end of a day).

The title?  "Go Put Your Strengths to Work."  He wrote "Now Discover Your Strengths."

Main thoughts?  "The majority of people THINK they will improve themselves the most by trying to fix their weaknessesACTUALLY, it’s by developing and focusing as much of your time as possible on your strengths."

He also debunked 3 MYTHS that the majority of people around the world erroneously believe:

  1. "As you grow, your personality changes."  (No, you actually become who you are more.)
  2. "You grow the most in the areas of your greatest weaknesses."  (No, you actually can grow most in your strengths.)
  3. A great team member puts his strengths aside & does whatever it takes to help the team.  (No, the best team members keeps volunteering his strengths to help the team.)