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Just finished the third session from Floyd Flake.  Here’s more info on the former congressman, the church he pastors, & college that he’s the president of too.

This man has had really, really wide impact.

The title?  "The Heat of Responsibility."

Main thought?  "There are 5 models of leadership:"

  1. Transitional Leadership — Moving people to focus on a particular need.
  2. Transactional Leadership — Leading and making progress, instead of just talking, when you have various interest groups that have a voice.
  3. Transparency in Leadership — In contrast to many examples we see today, trust God enough to have integrity & honesty, and God will work everything out.
  4. Transformational Leadership — Where you move from having to create the vision, to having people bring the vision of the future to you.
  5. Transcendent Leadership — Preparing your organization/church/team to live on & do greater things after you pass on, just as Jesus did with His apostles."