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Wc_ldr_summit_07bJust finished the second session from Carly Fiorina.  She was called the most influential woman in business by Fortune Magazine.  She was hired by HP as their CEO & later fired by their board.  More of her story is here.

The title of the session?  The same as her book: "Tough Choices."

Main line of discussion?  "Her experiences from being a temporary secretary to the only female CEO of HP taught her: everybody struggles with fears of something; the value of being on a participative team; good leaders need a combination of passion (for vision) and dispassion (about personal feelings); good leaders are continually & intentionally learning to become a better leader."

Bill Hybels STRONGLY recommended that every person purchase her candid leadership book.  He purchased the book for his team, gave them a month to read it, and discussed it section by section with them.  (Makes me want to get it & read it.)  🙂