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I had some time to chill with my family tonight after Day 2 of The Leadership Summit. The kids were playing a board game called Egyptians and Mom and Dad were reading some of the questions & answers.

This is now my fourth year of attending The Summit and a few thoughts are hitting me right now.

  • Every year, I am challenged to grow as a leader (this year is no exception)
  • This has become a non-negotiable event on my yearly calendar
  • This event has become a major part of our annual leadership development plan
  • I am so thankful for the 13 people from Grace that are attending with me (God is going to use this in tremendous ways in their lives)
  • I’d love to have 25 people attend with me next year
  • Block off Thu-Sat, Aug 7-9, 2008 NOW in your calendar and join me next year!

I am totally wiped out…in a good way.  🙂