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Object - Headphones Before we left for vacation, I got my iPod all ready.  We were going to listen to music & podcast to pass the time on the road.  But I couldn't find the adapter we had that broadcast your iPod to a radio station that your car can tune into.  So at the last minute I ran to the library to pick up some audio books.  (Yuck.)

I've never been much of an audio book fan because I can read a book WAAAAY faster than someone can read it aloud to me.  But we had hours & hours in the car, sooooo…I was willing to try it.  Here's what I checked out from the library…

These books were great!  They ended up making the time fly.  Cathy & I WANTED to hit the road & hear more.  And we learned a TON about the Revolutionary War era (we are some serious
history buffs).