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This weekend at Grace, I'm speaking on this topic:

  • Myth #5: The Bible is just a collection of human thoughts & interpretations

Yesterday, I finished my research and handout yesterday before printing and posting the message notes. This morning, I woke up and decided to read more on the topic. I read Norman Geisler's Updating the Manuscript Evidence for the New Testament. Then I discovered some of the numbers on my message notes were already out-of-date!

Here are the updated message notes numbers:

    We know the accuracy from the volume of manuscripts

  • 5,800 Greek manuscripts
  • 9,800 18,000 other language manuscripts
    • Homer’s Illiad (643 1,758 total) – 500 350+ years later
    • Caesar’s Writings (10 total) – 1000+ years later

P.S. Join us live or online at Grace Church this weekend at our Media Center page or our Vimeo page: Sat 4/5:30p CDT, Sun 8/9:30/11a CDT.