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Bible - Open with coffeeI'm on this journey through 30 Stories You've Probably Never Heard as my daily Bible reading with God.  Some of you have starting joining me on this which is GREAT!!  (It's not too late to join us for the balance of his plan.  Just jump in with us.)

Anyway, today's chapter is called "Moses Strikes Out (Numbers 20)."  And it was too cool not to give you the full "reveal", and too big to just Tweet about it.

Here's the "reveal."

  • This is the 2nd time Moses faced a major water shortage crisis and was counseled by God to go to a rock.  The 1st time can be found in Exodus 17.
    • 1st time — God said STRIKE the rock
    • 2nd time — God said SPEAK to the rock
  • Unfortunately for Moses & Aaron in Numbers
    , they were SICK of everything
    • They were SAD because they buried their sister Miriam
    • They were SICK of all the whining & complaining of the people
    • They were SICK of people accusing them of wanting to hurt them
    • They were just THROUGH
  • Because both Moses & Aaron were so TICKED with everyone, Moses decides to take his rod and STRIKE the rock with all of his might.  I'm pretty sure he pictured the faces of every whiner, complainer, & accuser he'd been encountering.  🙂
  • The problem was God that, this time, said to SPEAK to the rock — not STRIKE the rock

So what's the deal?  Here are the keys:


  • 1st time (Exodus
    ) — God was foreshadowing the 1st Coming of Christ, when Jesus (the rock) was going to be judged & crucified with God's judgment upon sin (struck by the rod).
  • 2nd time (Numbers
    ) — God was TRYING to picture what life is like NOW for the believer in Christ.  Jesus (the rock) doesn't have to be struck AGAIN for sin or for life.  He isn't suffering some sort of "ongoing sacrifice." It is finished. Instead, we can simply SPEAK to our rock for help (i.e. PRAY to Jesus).

Unfortunately, Moses & Aaron let their anger get the best of them. They "went ape" on the whiners, struck the rock a 2nd time (falsely picturing the sacrifice of Christ not being finished yet), and were forbidden from entering the Promised Land (ouch!).  What an amazing picture.

My take-away?  I need to expect criticism from the unhappy naysayers & critics of this world. Don't take it too personally. And I should never fall into the trap of thinking "THEY made me angry."  Technically, no one can "make" me angry but me. I need to simply pray…speak to my rock (Christ) to find God's plan & God's provision.