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Yesterday, Brian Gann kicked off our 2-week series called, "Ministering to God."  He spoke about how we bring pleasure to God by spending time alone with Him in prayer. Next week, I take on we do that through Bible reading.

Me - Parking Lot Ministry In the meantime, I spent my Sunday moonlighting with our First Impressions Team, serving in the Parking Lot Ministry for all 3 services.

I got a number of reponses:

  • Shock — "Didn't recognize you!"
  • Laughter — "What are you doing here?"
  • Association — "You're like Undercover Boss!"
  • Appreciation — "You're doing a great job!"
  • Valet Service — [Holding out keys & smiling] "Would you bring up my car?"

After a few hours in the parking lot, I had several thoughts:

  • What It's Not — Being in the Parking Lot Ministry is deceptive.  Because it's NOT about being in the parking lot.  And it'd be so easy to get confused & start thinking that…
  • What It Is — The Parking Lot ministry is all about FIRST IMPRESSIONS. It's one of a number of teams (parking lot, greeters, ambassadors, cafe, info center, ushers) charged with the most important 7 minutes in our church…that's the time it takes a visitor to decide to return the next week to give us the shot at leading them to Christ or discipling them. It's NOT about the parking lot…
  • What It Takes — This ministry is looking for some special people.  Do you have "The Right Stuff"?  It takes (in order of importance) someone who can…
  1. Be upbeat & friendly
  2. Be watchful & helpful
  3. Be on a headset connected to the rest of the First Impressions Team
  4. Enjoy the outdoors…OR be hardy 🙂

So, if you're NOT serving in a ministry on the weekend – OR — if your son/daughter is involved in two services & you're wanting to use your extra service productively — contact us about experimenting with the First Impressions Team.

P.S. There are some cool ideas coming for enabling our Parking Lot Ministry to "go mobile" & cruise the parking lot during the services. Stay tuned…