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We're getting close to winding up the Turkish leg of our trip through.  Here are a few random, sleep-deprived thoughts:

  • Trip 09 - 7c Room Buddy DeanYou know when you realize you are on a whirlwind tour?  When you start waking up in hotels not knowing what city you're in.
  • An update on my roommate:
    • He's an amazing repository of knowledge of the different ways people have served (& are serving) others internationally
    • Wherever we go, the locals greet him in their native tongue, thinking he's from the area too.
    • We call him "Rev. Dean" and "Dr. No"
    • We were able to teach Tony, a Latino friend traveling with us, the clothing term, "going command-o."  (And, no, none of us were "going command-o"). 🙂
  • 9 of my 13 flights are behind me.
  • This is a great place to eat if you like kebab.  It's everywhere.
  • Trip 09 - 7b Hagia Sophia
    Trip 09 - 7a Blue MosqueA couple nights ago, we were driving to our next hotel in Istanbul.  Hopped out of the car for 10 minutes to snap these shots of 2 of the most famous pieces of architecture in the world: the Blue Mosque & the Hagia Sophia.  Wow.  Even at night, for just 5 minutes each, they were breathtaking.
  • I am fully adjusted into this timezone…right now, 8 hours ahead of KC…just in time for me to fly back & get all messed up again.  🙂
    • Side Note: I've heard it take about 1 day for every 1 hour of time zone difference for your body to adjust.  That is, if you go back 8 timezones, which I will tomorrow, it takes on average 8 days to feel totally normal.
  • We have had an incredibly productive time of prayer, discussion, brainstorming with friends old & new.  All sorts of thots are spinning now.
  • Trip 09 - 7d Izmir (Rev 2-8)
    Right now, we're in Izmir, the Biblical "Smyrna" of Revelation 2:8, and the third largest city in Turkey (4 million people).  It is a stunningly beautiful seaside city.
  • I'll spend a good chunk of my return flights working on the kickoff to our "Love & Sex" series next weekend.
  • While I was here, I had the miss the birth of Addy Williams, Jim & Kellie's new baby girl.  I saw a picture though.  Too cute!  I can't wait to see her when I get back.
  • I REALLY miss my family & am ready to head home.