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Me - 2010 JuneHere's are several things I think I think on this Tuesday afternoon.

  • All aTwitter — I've had a Twitter account for a while (thanks to Babu) but never really used it.  Now I am.  (Talk about being LATE to the party!)  If you want to follow my tweets, check out TimHowey.
  • A Real Frog-Strangler — It is absolutely POURING down rain right
    now.  It's raining cats & dogs.  And our windows are open at home.  (I
    wonder how much mopping/sopping up we'll have to do?)
  • Kids Highlight — Tomorrow we kick off the first of 2 back-to-back Summer Breakouts at Grace (our VBS).  It's an event that literally takes a full year to plan, write, pray over, recruit, decorate, etc.  An AMAZING highlight for the kids.  This year, we're walking through the book of Jonah & teaching our kids about World Missions.
  • VBS-On-Demand — All our SBOs are home-grown, designed & written in-house…and they are AMAZING!!!  We ought to be SELLING these things…they're better than anything else on the market (no offense major Christian-distributors).
  • Preparing My Son — At lunch, I had some time where my son Jake and I could hang together.  So I grabbed him & shared what was on my heart today:
    • Yes, bad things WILL happen in life.
    • But we do NOT have to be defined by our circumstances.
    • In fact, it doesn't matter WHAT bad things happen to us.
    • God turns around EVERY bad thing for good for his followers.
    • We read these together: 1Co 15:57, 2Co 2:14-16, Rom 8:28, 2Cor 1:8
    • Sweet time
  • I Need a Crutch — At least for the next week.  My 4-week appointment with my surgeon is next Tuesday.  Hopefully I can ditch the crutches & go weight-bearing then.  I still won't be able to run for another 2 months though.  🙁