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Bible - Journal Here are several things I think I think on this Tuesday:

  • Twitter(?) Revival — I'm going to share something that's happened in my heart recently.  I didn't expect it.  Not sure it would work for everyone.  Even as I type it, it seems strange.  But God has used Twitter to bring a literal REVIVAL in my heart recently in the area of faith.  The simple act of tweeting (which I've set to update my Facebook status as well) — tweeting various "thots" I've been having about faith vs. fear and what God says regarding it has been life-transforming.  It's like the act of typing those statements out has made them far more real throughout my day, and are at the forefront of my mind more now than ever.  Yes…I'm undergoing a revival of faith…and God's decided to use Twitter to make it happen in me!  (Go figure.)
  • Twitter Prayer(?) Revival — I wouldn't put it past someone out there to be praying like crazy for me these days — lifting me up as a husband/father/pastor/leader — and that their PRAYER is the REAL reason God is using Twitter to change me.  If you're out there doing this, thank you, thank you, thank you.
  • Bible Journey – Join Me? — If you don't have a plan to read the Bible daily with me these days, jump in on my current plan — just 1 chapter/day through lesser-known stories of the Old Testament, with resting on Sundays.  Details (and today's reading) can be found here.
  • Bible Journey – Our Thots — People are commenting on what we're reading too on Twitter & Facebook & blogs.  Check out my "thots" on day 5, and Michael Hildebrand's "thots" on day 7 (today).
  • Summer Breakout (VBS) Heroes — We had 110 preschool to kindergarten children at our SBO Jr. last week.  We have almost 350 elementary students at our SBO this week. Not to mention the hundreds of volunteers.  All having a blast, learning about:
    • The Book of Jonah
    • The K urdish people
    • God's Call for each of us to be Missionaries

P.S. If you didn't have the chance to hear Mike Miller's Stories@GraceKS story, check it out:

Stories@GraceKS – Mike from Grace Church on Vimeo.