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Book - TrumanOn Sunday, I finished reading Truman by David McCullough.  Took a few hours to finish the last couple hundred pages.  This thousand-page behemoth took me a while to work through (months with how much time I could give to it), but it was worth it.

I learned a ton about Truman.  He was this humble, hard-working, local boy — a failed businessman in fact — a man who NEVER grasped for power — but was elevated to the Presidency to face some of the most difficult leadership challenges & decisions IN HISTORY.  Anyone who worked with him became absolutely committed to him because of his genuineness, courage, work-ethic, and positive outlook on everything & everyone.

I learned a ton about the Presidency as well…a bit of a back stage pass.  I don't think anyone can understand the pressures that a President is under & the constant barrage of criticism they receive, no matter what they do.

Read any good biographies recently?