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Bible - JournalHere are the top 10 memories I have of the last week:

  • Thursday 11/26 — Thanksgiving dinner. This meal is about as good as it gets.  I get all hopped up on tryptophan & sugar.  Mmmm…
  • Thursday 11/26 — After the family leaves, my 11-year old son stomps me in a game of Halo.  (What happened to my skills???)  Then dear old dad eeks out a Madden football thriller, 14-10.  I won with good old fashioned "Marty Ball."
  • Friday 11/27 — I meet with my small group.  We're with a great group of young couples who are passionate about developing their marriages in Christ.  It's starting to gel.
  • Saturday 11/28 — My family & I drive out to pick up my 91-year-old grandfather and drive to Children's Memorial Lutheran Church, where he has been for 62 years.  For most of those, he's been a leader (a deacon).  We went with him to the food & clothes pantry he helped start some 14 years ago in their church (when he was a young man).  By the way, his car was loaded up with donated food from an area grocery store that he picked up around 6a that morning!
  • Sunday 11/29 — I have the Sunday off but I watch the worship services from my kitchen table.  We have an amazing team.  From the technical team, to the praise team, to Pastor Ben's teaching (I was SOOOO proud of him), we are blessed.  And it was a double-bonus that I got to worship in my sweats with a serious case of bed head.
  • Sunday 11/29 — Chiefs game.  They looked great for the few several minutes.  Then "Ouch!!!"  We'd better just forget that one & move on.
  • Monday 11/30 — After a full day at work, I have the chance to sit down with our youth pastor and some committed parents of our middle schoolers & high schoolers.  We had the chance to dream together about the future, talk about upcoming challenges, and ways to help make the transition to the youth pastor (who we're looking to hire) even better.
  • Tuesday 12/1 — I coach 2 basketball teams.  My daughter's 3rd grade team arrives first and I have an hour and 15 minutes with them.  Then my son's 5th grade team follows them.  They were MAJORLY squirrelly last night.  And our first game for both is Saturday.  Let the confusion chaos madness fun begin!
  • Wednesday 12/2 — Today  I made some major gains in finalizing our 2010 weekend service schedule.  We've also got some ideas for 2011 (the January series & Easter series).  There are some AMAZING things coming up.
  • Wednesday 12/2 — Had the chance to worship with the church tonight, led by Michael W. Smith.  The team wanted to experiment a little with a DVD.  It was great.  Lots of people.  Highly engaged.  God used it.  We are a video generation.