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Book - Too Small to Ignore Just finished the book "Too Small To Ignore" by Wess Stafford of Compassion International.  It's a book about the needs of and cultivating a heart for the greatest priority on the planet: children.

  • The book was a really quick read.  The pages just flew by.
  • Wess' story was an absolutely gut-wrenching & hope-inducing story.  Terrible about what he & other children endured.  Compelling about what God did to redeem those horrible events.
  • This morning, I had to put the book down and pick up my journal because I was clearly hearing God speak to me about the priority of my kids, and kids in general.
  • I also had to wipe away tears a number of times.

Children are 1 of the 3 "unreached groups" we are all about reaching at Grace:

  • Generationally — Reaching a generation of children & students
  • Locally — Reaching those not being reached by the traditional church
  • Globally — Reaching less reached people groups (<2% evangelical Christian)

The book is worth the read.