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Object - Pen 2I thought I'd give you a snapshot into my time with God today.

In my daily reading this morning, I read through Isaiah 43-48. My current plan is to read 8 pages/day, every day except Sunday. I don't get to it every day, but that's the plan. What jumped out to me today was the repeated counsel from God to "Fear not!" (Isaiah 43:1, 5, 44:2)

Then for my prayer time today, I did a good chunk of journaling.  I don't write a letter to God every day, but it's still a HUGE part of my prayer life with God.  For me, it's the best way to lay the weightier times & topics before the Lord and leave them at His feet.  Here's the bulk of what I wrote today:

"Dear Lord,

In my daily reading, the command 'Fear not' jumped out at me 3 times.  Then you reassured me that your enemies will fear.

Lord, I seek You.  I'm trusting you & your promise of James 1:

(1)  I'm counting this trial all joy (v.2).  This is a joy to be able to be a part of a situation beyond your control; to cling to you in faith & lift it up in prayer; and watch you do what only you can do.  This is all joy (Acts 5:41).

(2)  I know you are trying to grow me (v.3).  Specifically, when you test my faith, you are trying to grow patience in me –> the ability to wait on you & watch for you & rest in you until the situation is resolved in your timeframe. Tough times are designed by you to grow me internally…the inner man (2Cor 4:16).

(3)  I need to not short-circuit the process of spiritual growth (v.4).  Lord, it would be so easy for me to just try to fix situations in my own strength; or run; or do whatever it takes to stop having to wait on you. But I need to let you work on me…and that takes time (1 Peter 5:10).

(4)  I know you will give me direction if I pray in faith (v.5). You already know what you want to happen. In fact, since you are outside of time (existing in the past, present, & future all at once), you are already there in the future & know what will happen. Lord, give me your wisdom. Lord, give me your direction, give me your plan. All I want is to be your follower & you to be pleased with me. I am yours (1Cor 4:3-4). direction. 

Love, Tim."