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I'm "Mr. Momming" it for the next three days as my wife makes a quick trip back to the state where my in-laws live, North Carolina. Pray for my kids.  🙂

(P.S. I'll bet people in North Carolina are just as sick as all those in Kansas after tough NCAA losses this past weekend.)

Anyway, I really enjoyed the reading today. It's a great section of Scripture to jump back into if you've stopped for whatever reason…

  • God wants to know He's more important to you than anyone, including your husband, wife, kids, or best friends (Deut 13:6)
  • Learning to tithe (i.e. give 10%) from ALL income sources is CRITICAL to cultivating a Biblical fear/awe of God (Deut 14:23)
  • Becoming debt-free is a life-changing experience. It puts relationships back on equal footing. (Deut 15:1,6)
  • "Is this GOD's fight?" That's the most important question to ask before diving into conflict. (Psa 108:11)
  • One sign that you have a healthy, non-dysfunctional view of God is that you do tell Him exactly how you feel (Psa 109:22)