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Last night, before putting the kids down for bed, we did our usual discussion of the day's chapters. Then I held up my iPhone and we watched the two sneak peek videos for this week readings.  The videos are on this page. (P.S. Yes, I was holding up a mini-version of myself — "Pocket Tim??" — as I prepped everyone on what to expect this week.) 🙂

Here's what I got from today's chapters:

  • Being a man/woman of God means you are approachable, reasonable, and your mind can be changed when it's needs to be (Num 36:5)
  • When you're doubting God in a situation beyond your control TODAY, look back to His faithfulness in the PAST (Deut 1:30-31)
  • "Sing to the Lord." It's not just a preference or suggestion. It's rooted deeply in what it means to relate to God. (Psa 98:1)
  • God forgiveness is free, full, & forever. Forgiveness is part of His DNA/nature…it's one of His names. (Psa 99:8)
  • Have you paused today to give God thanks for anything? If not, take a 10-second break & thank Him for something. (Psa 100:4)
  • Staring at sin is like staring at the sun. Looking at both can be very unhealthy for you. (Psa 101:3)