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I just finished a fantastic, crazy, exhausting weekend. (Yes, the weekend meetings ran through most of today too.) Our family is watching a friends' kids to give them a couple days away now.

Here were my thoughts about today's chapters.

  • Two thoughts reading this story: (1) Really? Complaining you have NO food…but this food? (2) God hates whining. (Num 21:17)
  • It is a HUGE paradigm shift to see the world as it IS…to see it as God sees it (Num 22:31)
  • Sometimes God tries to tries to turn people back to Him by letting them move forward with their own flawed plans (Psa 81:11-12)
  • God wants us to defend the poor who are an easier target for injustice (Psa 82:4)
  • it actually doesn't matter how many people unite together against God. God IS the majority. (Psa 83:5)