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With recording an OWNit365 podcast today (30 min of audio), meeting a friend at Gary Gribble's for his first "running shoe fitting", meeting a friend for lunch, finalizing five weeks of OWNit365 tip sheets, and shooting 5 weeks of OWNit365 sneak peek videos (35 min of video), I didn't have time to post about my reading today until now.

Here's what I walked away with from today's reading:

  • I love how God talks about things He's promised us — that DON'T exist yet — as "WHEN" it happens instead of "IF". (Num 15:2)
  • Sometimes people attack others — not because they're justified — but because they're jealous. (Num 16:3)
  • This is the moment that everyone — and I mean EVERYONE — will take a kneee (Psa 76:7)
  • Even good people — passionately devoted to God — can wonder from time-to-time if God is going to keep His word. (Psa 77:8)