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Here were my thoughts from today's readings.

  • Can you imagine how radically our lives would change if we lived as a sacrifice given 100% over to God? (Num 8:10-11)
  • Being a follower of Christ means you try to be (a) acutely aware of God & (b) loosely holding onto your own plans (Num 9:17)
  • Being a follower of Christ means you're aware God's voice/direction can ALSO come via God-given leaders in your life (Num 10:2)
  • I feel bad for believers who, in their senior years, bought into the lie of "retirement" from serving in ministry (Psa 71:18)

P.S. Special thanks to the Children's Ministry (my wife's Sunday duties), Josh Krzanak (speaking Sunday), & my mom (childcare) for making my surprise date-turned-overnight-getaway with Cathy a reality!