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Let's be honest. Samson's story is strange. He is the ultimate "flawed hero", with a hearty mixture of good and bad. God uses imperfect people.

(But honestly? How different are we? If someone else were reading OUR stories someday, would they be like, "WHOA! How in the WORLD is God using THEM?!?!")  🙂

Anyway, here was what I walked away with in my chapters today:

  • Sometimes parents don't realize that God is going to use their child's bad decision for long-term good (Judg 14:4)
  • Using the "jawbone of an ass" to win a battle always reminded me of using the "quotes of a fool" to win an argument (Judg 15:15)
  • Lazy people want just as many things as diligent people. Desire is not the problem. They just don't follow-thru. (Prov 13:4)
  • It is incredibly foolish to verbally tear down the thing you say you love: your spouse/child/friend/team/co./church (Prov 14:1)