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I'm in the middle of a three-day weekend marathon of meetings — all good ones — but I did have a few minutes to slip away and update everyone on what I got from the reading today.

  • An innocent (Jesus) had to give 100% of Himself as a sacrifice, on a piece of wood (cross), to purify us from sin (Num 19:5-6,9)
  • One moment of unrestrained anger — often rooted in our unbelief of God — can cost us for a lifetime (Num 20:10-12)
    • Note: On Moses' behalf, I would say that recently losing/burying his older sister (along with likely knowing he was about to lose/bury his older brother) & recently being accused again by Israel of purposely trying to kill them for the "umpteenth" time, put Moses under tremendous personal strain. Unfortunately, despite the fact his circumstances give me/us more compassion for his situation, none of that justified him in unleashing his own human anger.
  • God is not above using people who don't know Him — as His tool — to humble His people so they turn back to Him (Psa 79:1,8)
  • Yes, there are times that prayers anger God, like actively disobeying or doubting God & expecting God to answer us (Psa 80:4)

P.S. Keep praying for Japan. The news about the nuclear reactor problems there is just devastating. Pray for God's mercy upon the people of Japan and for receptiveness to the good news of Jesus.