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Every time I read 1 Samuel 6:19, I think to myself:

  • "Wow. My favorite scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark was totally ripped from this verse. I wonder if Mr. Kasden, Lucas, Kaufman, & Spielberg paid them royalties? No wait, the copyright ran out long ago…" 🙂

Anyway, here's what I walked away with today in the readings…

  • In the end, every single human endeavor — however noble — when God is not at the center — ends up in the same spot (1Sam 5:4)
  • Now THAT is an EXCELLENT question. How can we stand someday before our Loving Creator who is also Perfectly Just? (1Sam 6:20)
  • Debt puts you into the position where you are working for your lender. You have become their employee. (Prov 22:7)