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Today's reading in Judges was among the "strangest-of-the-strange" stories in Judges — a journey into the "heart of darkness" when mankind rejects God — when "men create God in their own image" — stuff worthy-of-tabloids.

Here's what I got from today's chapters:

  • REM sang "Losing My Religion" in 1991. Micah "Lost His Religion" 3000+ yrs before REM…stolen by 600 armed men (Judg 18:24)
  • In a conflict, we naturally ask "Who's the good guy?" Sometimes there is no "good guy." Only "bad guys." (Judg 19:28)
  • When you throw yourself FULLY into pleasing God — every thought & action — God softens your hardest relationships (Prov 16:7)
  • It is just as evil to LISTEN to lies & gossip as it is to SPREAD it (Prov 17:4)