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Hey everyone. I'd really appreciate some prayers about some AWESOME things on the horizon for my family and for Grace. Thanks so much.

Here's what I got from today's readings:

  • Here's a sign someone has lost touch with God — when they know what God says, do the opposite, & don't care (Deut 29:19)
  • Simple choice. Major implications. (Deut 30:15-16)
  • God entrusts parents with children so that the kids (1) hear the word of God & (2) learn to have a heart for God (Deut 31:13)
  • The wisest people know to their CORE that, without GOD's help, they are in a HOPELESS situation (Psa 124:2-3)
  • God leads people who are AGAINST him too — leading them, unbeknowsnt to them, AWAY from the people He's protecting (Psa 125:5)