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Yesterday, I had the chance to meet my sister & celebrate her milestone birthday. You only turn 20 once a decade. 🙂 We had a lot of fun together. I really love her & am proud of her.

I also got her hooked up with a daily email from this blog. It's the registration box in the upper right hand corner of (Hey sis, hopefully you got this!)

Here's what I walked away with this morning from

  • It's so tempting to LEAP to someone's defense when you hear just one side of the story…it's just not WISE (Deut 19:17-18)
  • Fear is contagious. Be careful around those who continually message "Can't," "Never," or "Hopeless." (Deut 20:8)
  • At the cross, Jesus didn't just take away our curse. He became accursed Himself. (Deut 21:23)
  • The more you grow like Christ, the more you are able to humble yourself too (Psa 113:6)
  • One indicator you "get it" — how powerful God REALLY is — is that you have trembled inside at His awesome power (Psa 114:7)
  • People who pursue/love/serve any other end but God are demonstrating spiritual blindness & deafness (Psa 115:8)