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Well, I woke up both exhilerated and exhausted after our amazing Easter weekend with humongous Egg Hunt and five worship services (including all God did).

The thought of reading my chapters in today was flat out not appealing. (Is it bad to admit that?) But I realized I had an appointment that took me on a 15-minute drive…about perfect to LISTEN to the Bibles on MP3's we gave out this year. (More copies are available at the info center.) I enjoyed the chapters. I just needed someone to read it to me. 🙂

Drive done. Reading done. My lessons are here:

  • I wonder if we realize how much we are impacted by those we choose we follow (Judg 8:33)
  • Sometimes God allows two parties in need of judgment to (unknowingly) serve Him by judging each other (Judg 9:20)
  • A wise person knows that delayed gratification is part of the rhythm of life – serving while others sleep (Prov 10:5)