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I'm so PUMPED about what we have planned for Sunday.  Food in all three services, Fun with give-aways in all three services, and Freedom as God works in people's hearts & lives.

I read thru some of my favorite chapters in Deuteronomy this a.m. in our reading. Here's what I got…

  • If you're not careful, you can let what you WANT become more important than what is RIGHT (Deut 16:19)
  • Daily Bible reading is our spiritual CARDIO workout. It exercises & protects our HEARTS. (Deut 17:19-20)
  • God's prophets nail it 100% of the time. False prophets get things wrong. (Deut 18:22)
  • Christ sits & waits. The Father promised & is fulfilling. The world will bow. Case closed. (Psa 110:1)
  • There is one prerequisite for getting into God's "Wisdom 101" class — cultivating a biblical fear of the Lord (Psa 111:10)
  • A good test of size of your faith is how much bad news you can hear without being consumed with fear (Psa 112:7-8)