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If you are behind in your reading — if you are WOEFULLY behind — if you have this sense of guilt or failure with it — I wanted to share a few thoughts with you:

  1. You are not alone — Tons of people are in the situation right there with you
  2. Don't beat yourself up — Some of us can get real good at this…it's just not what God wants!
  3. Remember the REAL goal — It's not about checking the box…it's about reading a bit every day & hearing from God
  4. Change things up — If you've been using the red tip sheets, then switch over to my daily take-aways. If you are reading a paper Bible, then try reading on your computer or listening to an audio Bible (on your commute, or sitting in line!). If reading all the chapters isn't working for you, then start reading the Family Chapters!
  5. Don't give up — Falling behind isn't failure. Falling behind is still SUCCESS because you haven't quit or given up!

Anyway, here's what I took away from my reading today in

  • If you're a child of God, you'll sense that God reaches out to you & even corrects you when you stray (Deut 8:5)
  • When good things happen, remember that God is fulfilling His Word, not rewarding you because you're so amazing (Deut 9:5)
  • All God wants is for you to be completely sold out for Him…that's it. (Deut 10:12)
  • Sometimes the wisest move you can make it to wait a little bit longer to understand God's counsel (Psa 106:13)