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I got this note from Michael, who is a Gracer:

"Tim, Thank you for giving meaning to the scriptures.  Due to a hectic business schedule I have not been able to attend Wednesday night Bible study.  And I have fallen off of my reading in Own it 365.  Without your Takeaway messages [i.e. this daily post] I would be lost. Thank you for all that you do. Michael."

Michael, thanks so much & do not beat yourself up! Life happens. Good people fall seven times a day and get back up again (Proverbs 24:16). And sometimes we have to step back from the full-scale plan to set a new goal for ourselves:

  • Chapter a Day — Why not read the "Family Chapter" daily?
  • Verses a Day — Why not read the verses that I point out in this daily post?

Success is not about following a particular plan and checking the box. Success is about getting into the Bible every day to hear from God!

Here's what I got from today's two chapters:

  • The "secret" to being wise is to take to God's word to heart & carefully & humbly live it out in your own life (Deut 4:5-6)
  • Innumerable events around the globe are a constant reminder of God's power, glory, care, and attention to detail (Psa 104:13,24)